The Sydney Opera House is one of the best-known icons of Australia. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is a site of historical, aesthetic, architectural, technical, social and associative significance. It represents a masterpiece of 20th century architecture, exceptional engineering and technological innovation.

Urbis were appointed to the Sydney Opera House Panel in 2021, for heritage consultancy, building conservation, heritage interpretation, archival recording, and archaeology services.  As part of the Sydney Opera House Panel, we were engaged to undertake two projects assisting the Sydney Opera House Trust. 

The two projects involved the assessment of the proposed works, comprising a services upgrade (Project 1) and work on the Western Forecourt Waterproofing and Paving (Project 2). Our team provided clear, practical and informative advice, culminating in Heritage Impact Statements for each, assessing their potential impact on the significance of the place. We will remain involved through the construction period providing heritage architectural advice as required. 

 Urbis remains on the Sydney Opera House Panel for consideration in future projects. 

Urbis are excited to be on the Sydney Opera House panel. We look forward to working on projects across this iconic site.