As part of the Australian Government’s commitment to improve the education of country students, an Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education was commissioned. A key issue identified in the Review, conducted by Emeritus Professor John Halsey, Flinders University, was access to affordable accommodation for regional, rural and remote tertiary students.

Following the initial Review, the Department of Education and Training enlisted Urbis to research the supply and affordability of tertiary student accommodation in Australia, particularly in our capital cities. Urbis undertook comprehensive research to understand the challenges facing regional, rural and remote tertiary students and identified opportunities for Government and universities to address these issues.

Urbis modelling found that the average student in Australia can afford to pay $178 per week for student accommodation while the average rent is $222 per week (24% higher). This data highlights the financial hardships that students are facing, particularly within inner city areas of the major capital cities.

Providing affordable accommodation for Australian tertiary students remains a challenge in Australia’s capital cities.