The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed where and how people work. As one of the largest working populations in NSW, the City of Parramatta sought to investigate how changing work dynamics may impact the future of subsidised workspace and coworking provision across the LGA.

To investigate this, Urbis worked with Council to prepare a detailed evidence base on the potential opportunities, demands and implications for coworking space in Parramatta. The work incorporated research methodologies including a comprehensive literature review, provision audits and demand assessments across national and international standards. The study also analysed the costs and benefits of government interventions in coworking provision, framed by real-world operating models.

The study provided Council with clear, evidence-backed recommendations to help guide future investments across the coworking sector and enable Council to continue to be leaders and advocates of best practice social infrastructure provision. 

Our evidence-backed recommendations will guide future investments across the coworking sector and enable council to continue to be leaders in social infrastructure provision.