We’re thrilled to help deliver genuine city-shaping ventures such as Orion Towers. This $1.2 billion project is a major investment in the city post-Commonwealth Games, which will create over 1,700 jobs plus long-term employment in the hospitality, retail and construction sectors.

Further still, it will provide Australia’s tallest building at 103 storeys and revitalise the City. Orion Towers will deliver on the promise of the light rail system as a catalyst to transform the heart of the city into a modern, accessible and uniquely Gold Coast experience for visitors and locals alike.

Orion International Group engaged us to manage the development approval process through the technical, planning and political realms. The project required strong positioning on the effect of the many overlaying policies within the City Plan, to deliver the intent to transform areas suited for intensive redevelopment.

Orion Towers is a true city-shaping development – not only as Australia’s tallest building, but also revitalising the Gold Coast’s heart