Urbis were awarded lead consultants on the Oakhill College Master Plan following an invited design competition. Urbis were commissioned to deliver a master plan framework that would guide the development and growth of the school campus over the next twenty years in line with the school’s strategic priorities and values.

In delivering the master plan, Urbis worked in close collaboration with the school to deliver a well considered and informed outcome. The master plan process therefore involved multiple engagement workshops with the broader school community.

The final master plan featured a series of outdoor learning spaces that were each integrated with new or re-purposed buildings. These spaces were organised along a central pedestrian spine. The scheme featured two new important pedestrian paths that anchored the structure and legibility of the campus. The scheme also introduced a new  community hub at the heart of the school, which aimed to improve teacher-student interactions and an overall sense of community and belonging.

An environment to foster effective learning, wellbeing, creativity and innovation.