Andrew is an experienced Planning and Project Management consultant with a background including over eleven years’ experience in both the local government and private consultancy sectors in New South Wales and Queensland.   

Working for large scale clients such as Stockland, LOGOS, Charter Hall and Ampol, he has facilitated the preparation and assessment of master planned communities inclusive of site and community wide DCPs, large scale development applications and planning proposals across a range of sectors, navigating the regulatory environment and client management with ease. Andrew consistently demonstrates his ability to coordinate a range of stakeholders and enable the delivery of timely and equitable outcomes for his clients.  

Andrew couples this with his in-depth knowledge of interpreting an applying regulatory controls across the eastern seaboard, coupled with his background operating in Local Government, to achieve timely and commercially sound projects. He quickly identifies project specific challenges and opportunities enabling swift implementation of mitigation measures to ensure the success of a project.

Navigating regulatory planning controls with my clients to achieve commercially and environmentally viable projects drives my passion for planning.