Urbis worked closely with Altis Property Partners, the Department of Planning and Environment and Penrith City Council to achieve the rezoning of the Mamre West Precinct within 18 months.

Early discussions and ongoing consultation with key decision makers established a clear approvals process for an efficient rezoning by way of a site-specific amendment to the Western Sydney Employment Area SEPP. The approvals process required careful consideration of a number of complex environmental issues, including flooding, visual amenity and traffic. We coordinated the preparation of the Mamre West Land Use and Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Mamre West Land Investigation Area Development Control Plan to provide a comprehensive assessment and response to each of these issues.

The gazettal of the SEPP amendment will facilitate the timely delivery of approximately 250,000m2 of floor space for transport and logistics in close proximity to the M4 and M7 Motorways and the future Western Sydney Airport.

Mamre West will fast-track the delivery of 47ha of employment land and up to 700 new jobs within the Western Sydney employment area by way of a proponent-led rezoning at no cost to government.