Urbis has been working with Brown Property Group since it acquired the former Amstel Golf Course in 2015.  With the land already zoned for residential purposes, Urbis led the preparation of a Development Plan to establish an overarching urban structure for the site, under which the more detailed site planning and staged subdivision of the land could take place.

The Development Plan incorporates the very best of the site’s vegetation and landscape qualities. 

Neighbourhood cells have then been integrated around the high value landscape areas, thus creating a residential offer that boasts the amenities of urban living, but with a ‘country feel’.

A requirement for 20 percent open space provision, the retention and protection of native vegetation and the undulating topography of the land presented some challenges. However, Urbis was able to obtain the approval of a Development Plan that provides comfort to the Council that these issues can be appropriately managed and flexibility to the client.

Urbis also secured planning approval for ‘Canopy at Amstel’, comprising approximately 520 allotments.  Working with the client and the project team, Urbis was able to negotiate a rather bespoke planning permit, with carefully crafted conditions to regulate tree protection, landscape design, building envelopes, design guidelines, earthworks and road naming.

Canopy at Amstel will deliver a residential community that seamlessly combines urban amenity with the natural environment.