Urbis prepared the urban design master plan to inform a preliminary approval (variation request) to the City Plan. Our work provided the strategic background, analysis and site testing as the basis of a robust proposition commensurate with the strategic importance of this precinct.

This work aligns with Geon Property’s ambition, to work with Brisbane City Council to realise and unlock the potential of the Albion Exchange and create a true Transit Oriented Precinct that leverages its location and proximity to transport infrastructure and amenity.

Our work has informed the creation of project specific Albion Exchange Built Form Controls and applies to four distinct precincts within the 3.5 hectare Albion Exchange site.

As part of the process, a range of built form capacity, yields and uses were tested and refined. Material was prepared to support a range of community engagement sessions and public displays. A final output included a full 3D fly-through of the precincts for inclusion on the Geon website. This visualisation helps clearly explain the ambition and intent of the development.

The Albion Exchange will be a thriving, well-connected hub that maximises its proximity to surrounding areas and precincts.