Our talented Design team completed the ACT Urban Design and Housing Design Guides in collaboration with the ACT Government’s  Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) team.

Through the ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project, a new planning system has been developed that will promote better outcomes for development, the environment, and most importantly, Canberrans.

The new planning system introduces design guides to help the interpretation and application of the Territory Plan’s assessment outcomes. These assessment outcomes specify ways that the desired policy outcomes for districts and zones in the ACT can be met using simple and clear diagrams and images. 

With the focus on place-based design outcomes, the purpose of the design guides is to elevate design understanding and literacy. As well as promote good design outcomes by not providing prescriptive quantitative measurements, but clear and easy to understand qualitative guidance that will improve public and built form outcomes across the ACT.

The guides can provide greater clarity, flexibility and consistency for the community, authority officers and industry, and will give all stakeholders the confidence to fully participate in the planning and development process. The design guides will be a key part of the design application, evaluation, and assessment process for the ACT Government moving forward.

If you would like to understand more, reach out to Associate Directors Mel Jones or Riley Flanigan.