Primary health care providers play an essential role in helping patients access timely, appropriate care. Approximately 85% of cancers are diagnosed following symptomatic presentation to a primary care provider.

To further develop cancer control efforts in primary care settings, the NSW Cancer Institute (a pillar organisation of NSW Health) developed the NSW Primary Health Care Cancer Framework. The Framework outlines how the Institute will work with organisations and primary care clinicians across the cancer continuum, from prevention to palliative care/survivorship.

Urbis was engaged by the Institute to conduct a ‘baseline’ evaluation of the Framework.


The objective of the evaluation was to establish baseline measures of GP and primary care nurse involvement in different areas of cancer control, prior to full implementation of the Framework and its associated activities.

Subsequent evaluations will assess whether and how clinician involvement changes over time in response to these activities.


Data collection for the evaluation included a survey of 195 clinicians (122 GPs and 73 primary care nurses) across NSW, and in-depth interviews with 15 GPs and 15 primary care nurses.


The report provided valuable first-hand information to the Institute on clinician behaviour and perspectives relating to cancer control. The work will support the work of the Institute’s Primary Care team, as well as other Divisions across the Institute in implementing the Framework and improving cancer outcomes for people in NSW.