By Princess Ventura | 16 Mar 2022

NSW Regional Director Princess Ventura believes our cities need to be reimagined.

In the latest episode of Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue‘s Western Sydney Unfiltered, Princess shares her insights into demand and opportunities associated with the expected population growth of Greater Western Sydney. 

“Western Sydney as we know, and Parramatta in particular, is really, truly, the centre of Sydney now, and that’s going to shift even more in the future.”

Princess emphasises the importance smaller town centres play as enablers of livability and connectors of talent to capital. She expresses the importance of evidence-based approaches in bettering our cities now and into the future – measurement and evaluation being key.  Moreover, our cities are best when they’re place-based and co-designed with those who inhabit them. 

In the interview, Princess also highlights the critical lessons learnt from the pandemic – specifically the need for more efficient and effective infrastructure, and how greater working flexibility will help equalise the workplace, including the gender pay gap. 

Watch the full episode below and get in contact to discuss any of the themes raised.