27 Oct 2023

Infrastructure planning and delivery—as difficult as it may be—is fundamental to a functioning modern city. 

The relegation of infrastructure funding and delivery considerations to the end of the planning process has led to much publicised delays in providing the right roads, parks and schools to support our growing communities. Even major projects like Sydney Metro are only now reviewing the need for new funding sources, years after their announcement.

Within New South Wales’ notorious planning system, its infrastructure funding system holds a special level of complexity. Once developers and governments alike begin to understand the intricacies of the system, it becomes clear that the planning for funding and delivery of infrastructure needs to be completed in the right manner, at the right time. The introduction of new charges like the Housing and Productivity Contributions and Sydney Water DSP charges also needs to be supported by a corresponding review of infrastructure delivery processes.

I'm excited by Urbis' recognition of infrastructure funding challenges and its commitment to getting the forward planning for infrastructure right.

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With the web of NSW’s infrastructure contributions system being further complicated by the introduction of new state and DSP contributions, Urbis thinks the time is right to introduce a specialist Infrastructure Funding advisory to support all of our clients. Our new advisory will provide specialist advice on an area that is often confusing to clients, including offering services like planning agreements advice, infrastructure funding and delivery plans and contributions plans.  

Suyash Pareek, Director and Founder of NXS Planning, joins Urbis as an Associate Director, focusing on unlocking and enhancing the depth of our national infrastructure funding advisory offer.

Leveraging his previous track record as an Infrastructure Funding & Delivery specialist, Suyash will also focus on growth of our service delivery model and government clients. 

Suyash joins us at a crucial time when the infrastructure charges are being revamped and governments are prioritising housing supply and the delivery of enabling infrastructure. It is now more important than ever to prioritise the forward planning of infrastructure.

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As the country’s leading urban planning firm, Urbis has a sizeable impact on the planning for new development in Australia. Our clients will now have the benefit of timely expert advice on infrastructure funding and delivery considerations for their projects.

Our extensive experience over all of Australia has shown us real world communities that are great examples of strategic planning are also great examples of infrastructure funding planning. With our multi-disciplinary team, Urbis is in the best place to provide holistic urban planning services to our clients. 

Suyash joins the Planning team sitting alongside infrastructure experts Adrian Villella, Simon Wilkes, and David Hoy. Reach out to our experts for a discussion on how Urbis can help you and your project. 

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