31 Aug 2016

Brisbane City Council has just released part of its planning policy for aged care to cater for the future needs of our ageing population.

The key components of the policy include:

  • Amending the Brisbane City Plan 2014 to provide greater encouragement for seniors living. These amendments have not been released as of yet. According to the Lord Mayor’s media release these amendments:
    • Provide an additional two storey allowance in medium and high density locations, where best practice design standards are met.
    • Allow for proposals in privately owned sport and recreation areas – but only where a clear community benefit is incorporated into the facility.
    • Allow for code assessable applications in certain situations.
  • Improving and streamlining development assessment processes for aged care facilities.
  • A reduction in infrastructure charges levied on qualifying aged care and retirement facility developments. According to the PCA this is a 33% reduction for a three year period.

Contact our Planning experts below on +61 7 3007 3800 for more information.

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