By Ashley Lane | 20 Feb 2017

The new Brisbane City Centre Neighbourhood Plan will come into effect on Friday 24 March, 2017. This will change the planning controls applicable to new development within the Brisbane CBD and contains important information for anyone with CBD land holdings.


Anyone with Brisbane CBD land holdings needs to be up-to-speed on the neighbourhood plan

Key changes to planning controls in the CBD include:

  • Removal of the Development Ratio (DR) and Gross Floor Area (GFA) controls;
  • Stronger focus on controlling tower floor plate size;
  • Reduced tower setback requirements;
  • Stronger focus on sub-tropical building design;
  • New requirement for an Urban Context Report;
  • Limits to use of transferrable site area (TSA).

You can see a summary of the new CBD planning controls below. 

  • Different provisions apply to development within certain precincts such as Howards Smith Wharves or Quay Street Precincts. 
  • Given the changes to the site cover provisions, and the associated level of assessment triggers, Permissible Change requests to existing approvals may not be possible under the new Plan.
  • It may still be possible to make a development application under the superseded planning controls for up to 12 months after the new controls take effect.

Contact our Planning experts below on +61 7 3007 3800 for more information. 

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