27 Jul 2022

Urbis developed the Go for Gold report, which was commissioned by Queensland Shelter. A 46-recommendation report detailing an economic and social legacy framework for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With a focus on leaving behind a world best in social inclusion legacy. A social inclusion lens on legacy planning will ensure social and economic benefit to all Queenslanders – and avoid adverse impacts on the vulnerable.

This week the report was handed to the Queensland Minister for Communities, Housing and the Digital Economy, to assist the State Government in its detailed planning for legacy in areas such as housing, homelessness and economic participation. 

In summary, the comprehensive report details implementation opportunities, such as:

  • clear social and affordable housing targets in key locations, including targets for the conversion of athletes’ village accommodation to social and affordable housing
  • developing measures to assist people to exit homelessness before Brisbane 2032
  • creating a lead agency for whole-of-housing system responses in Queensland with responsibility for coordinating all contributions across the levels of Government
  • monitoring and responding to housing market changes leading up to, during and after Brisbane 2032, in impacted regions
  • ensuring Brisbane 2032 achieves increased employment outcomes for people who are unemployed or under-employed
  • reporting on progress against housing targets and adjust targets, if necessary, based on population planning and emergent needs
  • establishing a housing trust to capture community-wide contributions to social and affordable housing in perpetuity


Whether it is homeless impacts, ensuring key workers can support events or long term housing affordability and diversity, we have the chance to shift the dial to make our region an even better place - for all of the community. The race has to begin now, and housing needs to be at the starting line.

Julie Saunders View Profile

Urbis Director, Julie Saunders says, “Urbis is excited to have been able to undertake this work on behalf of Queensland Shelter. Our expertise and research is at the forefront of understanding how the dynamics of the housing sector shapes our cities and communities. We have the opportunity through the Olympic legacy to position Queensland as a highly liveable lifestyle region, but we need to bring the housing discussion to the table.” 

Early planning and prevention is important, as it will reduce the impact of housing costs and provide greater long term employment opportunities – so it is critical the planning starts now!

Read the full report here