1 Jul 2019

We are celebrating the promotion of some of the people who have truly embodied the Urbis spirit, lived and breathed our values and demonstrated a passion for city shaping.

Effective July 1st 2019, we will be acknowledging the achievements of these dedicated city shapers, as they transition into their new roles. Among the promotions, there are six Directors and nine Associate Directors.

Our new Directors

Our new Associate Directors

  • Christophe Charkos, Planning
  • Sidonie Roberts, Economic & Social Advisory
  • Helen Allison, Planning
  • Sian Morgan, Planning
  • Clare Szymczyk, Planning
  • Billy Rebakis, Planning
  • Josie Alvaro, National Design
  • Ed Johnson, Planning
  • Sam Down, Planning
  • Sasha Tieleman, National Design
We are committed to supporting the advancement of our people at all levels and are proud to announce the following promotions

Economics & Social Advisory

  • Jacob Formosa, Senior Consultant, Sydney


  • Alida Eisermann, Senior Consultant, Sydney

National Design

  •  Lorena Garcia Martin Senior Consultant, Brisbane
  • Stephanie Griffiths, Senior Urban Designer, Sydney


  • Chloe Forsyth, Senior Consultant, Brisbane
  • Mietta Gleeson, Senior Consultant. Melbourne
  • Taryn Sobel, Senior Consultant, Melbourne
  • Anna Wang, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Chelsea Salgaras, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Dayle Bennett, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Emma Fitzgerald, Senior Consultant, Sydney
  • Leah Madridano, Senior Team Administrator, Sydney
  • Marselle Caldas, Senior Team Administrator, Sydney

Planning & Design

  • Byron Datinguinoo, Senior Consultant, Singapore

Property Economics & Research

  •  Melissa Luki, Senior Consultant, Singapore
  • Sang Jin Park, Senior Consultant, Singapore

Real Estate Advisory

  • Yuli Xu, Senior Valuer, Melbourne
  • William Findlay, Senior Valuer, Melbourne
  • Emie Pelchen, Senior Valuer, Melbourne