23 Apr 2018

50 new self-storage facilities are proposed across Australia and New Zealand – the highest level of self-storage development we’ve ever observed.​

At Urbis, we have always kept an eye on supply, however, unprecedented development activity has prompted the creation of our new report, the Urbis Self Storage Tracker (‘Supply Tracker’).

The Supply Tracker monitors the development status of proposed and future self-storage facilities in seven different geographic regions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In its first edition (as at 1 March 2018), the Supply Tracker has identified 50 proposed and future self-storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand, with over half in Sydney or Melbourne alone.

Published biannually, the Supply Tracker joins our suite of specialised research, which includes the Urbis Storage Index and Urbis Self Storage Grading System.

With these crucial insights, we continue to keep you informed of what is happening in your industry and provide you with the highest level of transaction management, feasibility and valuation services.