Our people tell us Urbis is a great place to work.

Each year we undertake a workplace survey that assesses our performance and engagements levels against other organisations.  We are extremely proud of our results that tell us that when it comes to measuring engagement, we sit in the top 25% of all global professionals services firms.

We ensure our work environment meets your needs. Flexibility drives both the way we do business and how we treat our people. Our flexible policies are just one example of the way we encourage a healthy balance between life at work and life outside work.

Diversity is key to success.

Since I first joined, Urbis has become an even more diverse workplace, with a very balanced gender ratio and flexible working arrangements which have not only benefitted myself, but ensured the retention of some of the most highly talented people in property consulting.

Sarah Macklin (nee Walbank) View Profile

Every day, you’ll enjoy working on a diverse range of projects that will challenge and inspire you.

We embrace diversity not only in terms of our portfolio, but also our people. We welcome the different perspectives and experiences that individuals provide and value the influence this has on how we work and think.

Our culture is collaborative, not competitive.

My role with Urbis provides me with flexibility, job share, work/life balance and a constant learning environment, though it is the intelligent people and inclusive culture of the business that makes it a workplace of choice for me.

Moira Purcell, Receptionist

We pride ourselves on building a work culture where individuals feel valued and supported.

The most innovative, ground-breaking work comes from bringing people together, which is why you’ll work with a variety of teams at Urbis. Your unique role will be valued, and you will grow as you’re exposed to other disciplines and ways of thinking.

Together, we achieve success – and have fun on the way.

Our people help each other succeed.

I appreciate the incredible team culture, with knowledge sharing and communication across our different service offerings being continual and genuine, we draw on our national experiences on a regular basis. The culture is certainly very collaborative and inclusive, no matter how busy we are, working as a team is a priority.

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When you work at Urbis, you join a community of talented, remarkable people. We are strengthened by a shared passion for excellence and commitment to helping each other succeed.

Our people are authentic and see Urbis as much more than a job. They see it as a way of bringing their visions to life, and they’re always willing to help their fellow colleagues do the same.

Our offices are built for more than just work.

I’ve worked with Urbis in Sydney for almost 10 years, and whilst the size of the company has changed, the amazing thing is how the culture has remained constant. Urbis is a great place for people to learn, grow and contribute in an environment that is inclusive, collaborative, lively and social.

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When you work at Urbis, you won’t just work – you’ll play.

Our modern, open-plan offices allow you to easily connect with your colleagues while providing the private spaces you need to work best. We also celebrate the little things, a lot.

We promote ways of interacting that go beyond the meeting room. At Urbis, you’ll be able to enjoy morning teas, Friday night drinks, numerous team events and functions, and take part in our health, wellbeing and sport programmes.

We reach out to our communities.

You will also have the opportunity to make a difference to the communities around you in more ways than one. We regularly volunteer in the community and are involved in other activities that help others – and make you feel great.