Climate change is already affecting Metropolitan and Regional Sydney, with some areas particularly vulnerable to flooding, bushfires and increased temperatures causing more heatwaves and urban heat islands. Urbis is part of a consortium working with a NSW Council on a master plan to transform its city centre. A key objective of the master plan is facilitating growth whilst achieving a more liveable future that is resilient and minimise the impacts of climate change.

Urbis in collaboration with PFA Pty Ltd is preparing a Sustainability and Resilience Study to provide effective guidance on climate responsive design and planning controls to facilitate future focused sustainability and resilience approach for future development in the city centre.

The Sustainability and Resilience Study address five key themes to meet the client priorities, being Climate; Energy; Emissions; Circular Economy; and Resilience.


Supporting council with this sustainability and resilience study will assist in driving sustainable outcomes for the city centre precinct – improving environmental sustainability, climate resilience and liveability throughout the region.

Brenton Reynolds

Scope of services

  • Physical baseline investigations of site context including energy, emissions, climate, water, waste, transport, heat, resilience.
  • Context review of relevant programs, policies, strategies and current council activities.
  • Collaboration with Council and technical consultants to provide sustainability and resilience advisory on design principles and initiatives in master plan scenarios.
  • Development of a sustainability and resilience framework to inform design outcomes and planning controls.
  • Preparation of a Sustainability and Resilience Study report to support a rezoning application submitted to the NSW State Government.