Urbis has assisted Redlands and TKD Architects in securing approval in the first step of the senior campus staged development. This 20 year project will deliver a new learning hub, new classrooms and indoor recreation facilities to ensure the campus enhances its reputation for excellence in education.

Urbis advised on the development, prepared the EIS, participated in community consultation and negotiated conditions of consent for a favourable determination.

The project is a direct response to Redlands’ need to provide first class facilities to support innovative and collaborative learning, both now and in the future.

The project required the cooperation of a large consultant team to ensure the success of the development and navigate significant space, site and heritage constraints. The project’s success depends on its ability to simultaneously deliver the new facilities and maintain school operations. The staged approach will allow this to happen.

The project will contribute to a high-quality on-campus experience, making a positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes for one of Sydney’s leading independent schools.