The proposed North Coast Connect (NCC) rail line would deliver improved and faster rail to the growing Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions. However the project is about more than delivering transport, it is a city shaping opportunity with the potential to influence how existing and new communities develop and thrive.

Urbis was a foundation member of the NCC Consortium and contributed to the business case through assessing the viability, benefits and community need for faster rail, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. We were tasked with articulating how the NCC project will play a role in shaping the future composition and characteristics of land uses surrounding each of the proposed stations.

Our team provided economic analysis on the potential uplift in population and employment numbers and subsequent land use requirements that will be driven by the NCC project, and a focus on the planning implications of the potential economic uplift around each station. We also delivered a qualitative and quantitative assessment of each station precinct.