Hicks Reserve offers two hectares of landscaped and treed hilltops for the community and visitors to use and enjoy. 

The park, named after the early pioneers to the Officer area, boasts playground facilities that celebrate the great outdoors. The picnic/ playground hub is central to the design, allowing you to meander to multiple vantage points within the park.

The theme for the play experience makes reference to the Victorian Alpine region. In particular, snow skiing experiences. Play elements were integrated into the existing topography to create three play areas using the ski difficulty rating system. 

Suitable for beginners, the ‘Easy’ green run tests the user’s skills on a range of playground equipment.

Moving up the slope, the ‘Intermediate’ blue run encourages the user to step out of their comfort zone and be challenged. The large 3m wide slide allows friends and family to ride together.

Finally, at the peak, rests the ‘Difficult’ black diamond run – the ultimate toboggan experience. The 13m long slide races down the hill with a combination of speed and turns.

Hicks Reserve emanates high country essence through the fabric and make-up of open space.