In collaboration with Hawkesbury City Council, Urbis delivered place-led master plans and public domain plans to guide the revitalisation of three historic town centres – Windsor, Richmond and South Windsor.

The project was underpinned by a comprehensive community engagement process that ensured the design response captured the values and sentiment of the community.

The outcome for Council is firstly an overarching framework that will guide long-term change, activation, investment and development opportunities.

The second outcome is a series of public domain plans that capture immediate and tangible improvements to local streets and public spaces, setting the stage for urban life. These public domain works will improve the pedestrian experience, local amenity and promote spaces that more attractive, vibrant and safer.

The project is supported by the Western Parkland City Liveability Program and funded by all three levels of government via the Western Sydney City Deal. The first stage of public domain works is expected to be delivered by April 2022.

The mission is to revitalise Hawksbury’s historic town centres to boost livability, attraction and economic prosperity for the region.