Urbis was appointed by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Victoria to conduct an evaluation of the Community Connectors program. The Community Connectors program employed residents with lived experience in high-risk accommodation settings (such as public housing, rooming houses and caravan parks) to connect residents with social and health services. The program operated in 16 areas across Victoria, was managed by local community health providers and reached approximately 15,000 residents.


The purpose of the evaluation was to understand the implementation, effectiveness of the Community Connectors Program and to document learnings and challenges.


The evaluation involved a mixed methods approach engaging with program stakeholders, community health providers, resident workers and high-risk housing residents through interviews, surveys, site visits and through program data.

Due to the vulnerable nature of participants and the importance of engaging with residents in an empathetic and informed manner, ethics approval was sought, and the methodology was developed in close conjunction with community health providers.


The final report was delivered in June 2023 and informed key learnings for future programs.