The Commonwealth Department of Health commissioned Urbis to evaluate the National Palliative Care Strategy 2010 – Supporting Australians to Live Well at the End of Life. The Strategy, which was developed after extensive consultation and intended to support palliative care programs and services provided by all levels of government, and to provide strategic direction for jurisdictional palliative care efforts.

Overthe last 20 years in Australia, palliative care has advanced considerably. Given the pace of health service reform taking place, the Department sought to evaluate the Strategy to ensure the document remains relevant as a national strategic framework for the delivery of high quality palliative care services for all Australians.

The evaluation involved a literature review to identify impacts of the Strategy, a review of projects funded under the Strategy, and extensive national consultation with service providers, peak and advocacy bodies and other relevant stakeholders.

The National Palliative Care Strategy 2010 is designed to ensure Australia continues to be a world leader in the provision of first class palliative care services.