The COMPASS Leaving Care program supports young people leaving the out of home care system when they reach the age of 18. Financed through a Social Impact Bond model and delivered through a collaborative partnership between Victorian Government, Anglicare Victoria and St Vincents, COMPASS provides stable accommodation and flexible supports to help program participants make a successful transition to adulthood and independence.

Urbis delivered two key evaluations of the COMPASS program that told the story of the program’s impact, helped the partners understand how the program is working, and captured critical lessons to inform how Victoria pursues future innovative social financing models.

We’re now planning for the final stage of work, which will include a full economic evaluation of the program’s impact, and the returns generated for the Victorian community – complementing the stories of lives changed captured through our evaluation work so far.

We’ve been able to engage with so many young people as part of this evaluation – those stories have revealed some powerful insights. – Julian Thomas, Director.