As the Central Coast is a recently amalgamated Council, a comprehensive review of community facilities in the local government area was needed to create an integrated, consistent, and contemporary approach to the provision and operation of facilities.

This comprehensive project consisted of three components: a framework for community facilities, a policy and a portfolio plan.

A strong evidence base was prepared to support our analysis and recommendations, including a review of fees and management models, an overview of best practices in the provision of social infrastructure, and a demand assessment. We also conducted extensive consultations to understand future goals and concerns, including community surveys, interviews and workshops.

Our team made clear, place-specific recommendations, which ranged from the planning and design of facilities to improvements to the internal systems and processes of the Council. The Leasing and Licencing Facilities Policy has created an equitable and needs-based approach to accessing community facilities across the Central Coast.

An integrated, consistent and contemporary approach to the provision and operation of community facilities has been developed.

Header image source: Central Coast Council