Bim’bimba Park and playground is the final ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Mirvac masterplanned community, Gainsborough Greens. Bim’bimba Park was the final touch to an already flourishing community that has been established over the last 15 years. Most importantly the park provides the last piece of the jigsaw that connects a network of carefully planned open space throughout the masterplanned community.

The inspiration for the park was to continue a common thread of nature-based elements and play, embracing the raw and natural beauty of the utilised materials while championing the local awareness of ecology and sustainability initiatives within an inspiring play and community space.

A core design driver of the parkland was to massage an engineered landform to provide an undulating interesting landscape complimenting the rolling greens of the surrounding golf course and natural creek-lines while maintaining flood storage requirements in what is a low-lying area

The design continued the sustainable concept of recycled material and in particular this led to the substantial integration of site procured timber into the project. Extensive research into the appropriate selection and sustainable treatment of timber was required to address the Local Authority’s concern regarding ongoing maintenance. A prominent feature of this research was the use of ancient Japanese charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban. The blackening of the timbers provides an enduring treatment while reinforcing a memorable series of vertical sculptural forms that evoke the natural process of fire and regeneration in our ecology.


At Bim’ bimba Park, sustainability is the core message. We sought to convey to the development industry, the local authority and to the public that recycling, reappropriating or reimagining uses for raw materials can lead to sophisticated and beautiful design outcomes without sacrificing quality, durability and experience.

Matt Franzmann


The team is extremely proud of the outcomes achieved at the Gainsborough Bim’bimba Park and Playground. Beyond the technical and logistic triumphs associated with the project, residents and visitors identify as the custodians of a space that is both unique and connected to the surrounding environment.