Perth CBD has been experiencing high commercial vacancies, a sluggish retail sector and the absence of a coordinated vision – so the PCA commissioned Urbis to craft and present a range of initiatives – physical, policy and ephemeral to drive its advocacy for better outcomes.

Urbis proposed a suite of ideas – ranging from governance reforms like an inner city collaborative body, the creation of new suburbs to facilitate neighbourhood identity, new instruments to drive land consolidation to assist the retail sector, and initiatives to assist with walkability.

Together with the PCA and project partners, Urbis undertook extensive interviews and consultation with city stakeholders to inform its approach.

As a result of Big (and Small) Ideas for Perth, the Urbis team is up to date and informed on the issues afffecting city residents, businesses, and stakeholders.

This project not only demonstrates our passion for inner city Perth, but also our ability to turn frustrations into solutions and action from decision-makers.

Urbis was commissioned to prepare a report that would spark new energy into the future of the Perth CBD.