Urbis obtained planning approval from the Central Sydney Planning Committee for a mixed use development on Sites 7 and 17 in the Green Square Town Centre comprising the following:

  • Site 7 includes a 16-storey building with 123 residential apartments, retail and commercial uses, and cinema complex; and
  • Site 17 includes a 13-storey building with 71 residential apartments, retail uses and commercial uses.

Designed by Tzannes Architects, the development is highly accessible to existing and planned employment opportunities and services and is located directly north of the Green Square Plaza and Neilson Square, the home of the new Green Square Library.

The project successfully addressed several key planning considerations, including providing a high standard of residential amenity and reducing the overshadowing of Green Square Plaza. This project demonstrates how built form can be designed to frame and activate the public domain. 

Together, sites 7 and 17 are an exemplary example of how complementary uses can be integrated to create a vibrant mixed use development. 

Site 7 & 17, Green Square Town Centre; Architect: Tzannes Architects