Suzie Turner is a multi-disciplinary urban strategist with 20 years experience working across various property sectors. She assists her clients to understand the potential of urban and regional areas, complementing detailed economic analysis with insights from planning, landscape design and environmental science.

She is highly skilled at bringing together research, data, analysis and consultation into a written and visual narrative that communicates effectively with the key audience, facilitating and guiding decision-making and strategy development. She brings to her projects a holistic understanding of the complex relationships between place, populations, economies, industries, built form and landscape.

Her recent work includes a number of housing projects, assisting local governments to proactively plan for urban and regional housing appropriate to current and future resident needs, and responsive to local and national market and social trends. This has included in-depth analysis of urban infill development, suburban apartments, and regional / remote housing.

I’m passionate about planning our cities and regions for a better future. My work can ensure we value, improve and sustain social, economic and environmental outcomes.