18 Jul 2016

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana is pleased to announce that international consultancy firm, Urbis Pty Ltd, has been successful in securing the contracts to undertake two related studies for the Orana region: a study into the feasibility of establishing an international air freight facility, and a study into the capability of the freight and logistics systems in the region.

The public tenders were advertised in March and April, and attracted a strong field of applicants.

Urbis Pty Ltd met with key government and industry stakeholders in Dubbo recently to gain an overview of the Region’s current status.  This will be followed by a comprehensive analysis of the capacity and condition of the region’s freight and logistics systems, and investigation into the opportunities for export into emerging Asian and other international markets. 

Stakeholders will be invited to contribute at various points throughout the project; identified key stakeholders will be invited to participate in interviews and/or workshops, and an online forum has been established on RDA Orana’s website to allow all interested parties to participate (please click here to go to the survey).

In an increasingly connected and competitive world, minimising the cost and timeliness of getting products to markets is a critical element of success in maintaining and accessing those markets.

Urbis is delighted to be a part of this strategic piece of work and we look forward to engaging further with the region to help advance understanding of where and how freight and logistics networks – across road, rail, air and sea – might be augmented to best support economic opportunity across the Orana region and NSW.

Robyn Lamont, Acting Executive Officer of RDA Orana said, “RDA Orana is very excited about the project.  Our region is heavily reliant on agriculture, and the studies will provide information to help improve productivity for existing enterprises and opportunities for diversification.  These outcomes align directly with both Federal and State priorities which are focused on investing in enabling infrastructure, connectivity and strengthening regional Australia’s competitiveness and productivity output.” 

This work will assist Orana’s agricultural sector in particular, by enhancing opportunities to engage in trade with China and other significant trade partners under the Free Trade Agreement.  It will also benefit the sector more generally by identifying opportunities to improve supply chain management and reduce the costs of transport from farm gate to markets.

The studies are due to be completed by the end of November, 2016.  For further information, visit the RDA Orana website at: www.rdaorana.org.au.

For more information about Urbis’ role in this project, please don’t hesitate to touch base with: