By Linda Kurti | 30 Nov 2016

This article was co-authored by Director Linda Kurti and Consultant Christina Griffiths.

This Saturday marks the International Day of People with Disability, which takes place on 3 December each year. It’s an occasion for celebrating the contribution of people with disability, and advocating for their full inclusion in our society.

At Urbis, we’re committed to playing our role. We are proud of our work in support of a more inclusive Australia. Our recent work has included reviewing the Disability Standards for Education which support students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as others.

We’re committed to playing our role. We are proud of our work in support of a more inclusive Australia.

We’re helping governments think about how to strengthen their approaches to inclusion. This includes developing the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan (for which we’re also developing the evaluation framework).

We’ve also produced Disability Inclusion Planning – A Guide for Local Government for the Australian Local Government Association, and we’re currently helping Northern Beaches Council put the principles into action through consultations in support of their Disability Inclusion Plan.

Our work also strengthens the evidence base around effective programs working with people with disability, particularly those experiencing social isolation. This has included evaluating the Partners in Recovery nationally and Ability Links in NSW. These evaluations reveal a lot of good stories – our social cost benefit analysis of Ability Links confirmed that the costs of the program are significantly outweighed by the social and economic benefit of connecting people with disability to communities, education and employment.

While we do plenty of work advising and supporting our clients, we’re also very committed to walking the talk. We keep inclusion front of mind in our research practices, and have captured some of these approaches in a guide to accessible consultations.  

More broadly, our Diversity and Inclusion Board (DIB) oversees a range of initiatives within the company, and includes a focus on disability among a number of dimensions of diversity. The DIB is made up of senior leaders within the company, including the chair of our company board, Managing Partner and CEO, and signals the ongoing importance we place on building an inclusive workplace.

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