People’s lives are being changed through Ability Links NSW,  a ground -breaking  approach for people with disability aged 0 to 64 years, their families and carers. The first program of its kind in Australia, it takes a whole-of life -approach to support  people overcome social isolation, lack of confidence or skills and other barriers to participate in all aspects of community life. It also works with mainstream services, businesses and the broader community to be more inclusive of people with disability.

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services commissioned Urbis to evaluate the first three years of Ability Links. We found that the program is achieving remarkable outcomes within a short space of time. People with disability are connecting with community, education and employment. Importantly, the costs of the program are significantly outweighed by the social and economic benefits.

Our work with the Department won the Annual Impact Measurement Award 2015 in the category of ‘Achievements in Impact Measurement by a Government, Corporate or Philanthropic Organisation’.

It is thrilling to see the outcomes of this new inclusion program  – small steps can lead to major changes in people’s lives.