17 Jun 2015

Urbis Economic and Social Advisory Director Nicki Hutley appears in Clayton Utz’s latest video series entitled, Urban Renewal – Making it All Add Up.

Alongside Peter McMahon, Partner at Clayton Utz, Nicki shares important insights about recognising and appropriately utilising the key drivers that make a property development project come to life.

According to Nicki, the story of urban renewal is a holistic one, requiring many professional skills to bring the story from conception to fruition. It’s essential for economists to understand the value of the development, while planners need to make sure that this is delivered in the most appropriate way. Financial and legal advice is also needed to ensure the deals are structured so that the economic benefits derived are fairly distributed.

While monitoring the use, development, investment and governance of property is key, understanding broader economic impacts through social outcomes is truly what makes an urban renewal project successful. It all starts with the ability to identify opportunities.

Creating a vision for a new, vibrant urban landscape, and designing and planning a concept and driving social interest by giving shape to a live network of communities, are all different reflections of the same idea – the idea that cities are made to evolve with the people who build them.

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