17 Apr 2015

Evaluation research is one of the most critical components of any social program. Truly understanding the impact and effectiveness of a program allows you to maximise the success of your investment. With tightening purse strings and greater public transparency, this evaluation only becomes more critical.

Choosing the right consultancy can be the difference between success and an embarrassing program overspend. Urbis brings the resources of a national team of 7 directors and more than 25 policy and economic experts to every project.

What makes Urbis stand out from the crowd is its access to resources, combined with academic rigour and an in-depth commercial understanding of every project.


Urbis offers a true-value service, bringing together more than 100 years of combined experience at state, federal and local government levels. Being part of one of Australia’s largest multi-disciplinary consultancies with more than 400 staff and a plethora of corporate clients, the Urbis team have a commercial understanding unparalleled in the industry.

With a slew of research awards and the recent addition of one of Australia’s leading economists, Urbis is able to bring a complete national package with the experience, reputation and smarts required but without the high fees usually associated with this level of service.

Along with my colleague, Nicki Hutley, I was given the opportunity to deliver a presentation on the importance of ‘building a complete picture’ in evaluation research, using social and economic indicators, through a mixed methods approach including quantitative, qualitative and economic research tools.

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