By Dianne Knott | 2 Feb 2018

Urbis welcomes experienced stakeholder engagement strategist Dianne Knott, who is returning to the business after three years leading public engagement for the Greater Sydney Commission and UrbanGrowth NSW.

Strengthening Urbis’ industry-leading Urban Planning service, Dianne will lead a new team with a focus on community and engagement.

Dianne boasts nearly 20 years’ experience in the consulting, corporate and government sectors, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and wide-reaching network across government and industry. 

Dianne has deep expertise in land use and infrastructure planning and delivery. She specialises in designing and delivering multi-stakeholder engagement to realise project approvals in contested environments. Her work complements all aspects of project delivery, from master planning and visioning, to project approvals, and community and government relations to support project delivery. 

I’m passionate about involving people in shaping our cities and working through tensions to resolve a clear path forward.

With UrbanGrowth NSW, Dianne designed and delivered an extensive public engagement campaign involving 20,000 people. The campaign provided a mandate for the major urban regeneration of Newcastle CBD, following years of stalled attempts at renewal.

“My work is about ensuring that there are mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients and the communities in which they operate. I’m excited to return to Urbis and work alongside the best professionals and the top clients to shape our cities,” said Dianne.

Urbis’ National Planning Director John Wynne welcomed Dianne to the team, stating: “Engaging people early in planning for our cities is critical to our clients’ success.”

“At Urbis, we also pride ourselves on being an exceptional employer and one of the best hallmarks of that is our people returning to us,” said John.

If you’d like to know more about what Dianne or anyone else at Urbis can do for you, get in touch.

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