8 Mar 2023

In partnership with the SDA Alliance (SDAA), Urbis is proud to have launched the SDA Pricing Summary Report at the SDAA National Members Meeting.

This Report utilises new national data from across the good practice New Build Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector to identify what is and isn’t working in current SDA pricing.  The Report summarises information provided to Government for the purposes of the current SDA Pricing Review. It will enable this Review to support further investment and development of SDA, ultimately for the good of people with disability.

Urbis’ Economics and Property team, along with SDA Alliance, led the study which helped identify challenges that are constraining development. The Report provides recommendations and if accepted, these recommendations would lead to a positive result of facilitating the development of additional housing supply for eligible people with a disability.

Our Report includes a range of recommendations covering:

  • Build costs
  • Land costs
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Other Acquisition costs
  • Exit costs
  • Ownership costs and vacancy rates
  • Tax costs
  • Financing costs
  • Indexation
  • Minimum accessibility standards
  • Innovation
  • Supply and demand forecasting


SDA has already begun to revolutionise the lives of many people with extreme functional impairment and/or very high disability support needs. It has the potential to support better lived outcomes and better futures for decades to come. Now that there is real-world experience in developing and managing SDA, we have a better understanding of what it will take to reach that potential.

At Urbis we are proud to be part of enacting change and supporting development opportunities to solve the housing crisis.

Download the report to find out more.


*image credit: Synergis Fund / Good Housing
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