16 Mar 2020

PROJECT 90K, is the Property Council’s call to action for a series of infrastructure, planning, governance and policy changes required to lay the foundations to ensure the ambitious 90,000 people in Perth’s CBD target becomes a reality by 2050.

In 2019, federal, state, and local levels of government agreed to a City Deal focusing on Perth CBD – by creating an energised city for people to work, live and play through higher population density and providing an economic uplift to the city.

Approximately 30,000 residents currently live in the City of Perth, which has a population density far behind other major capital cities. 

Property Council WA commissioned Urbis to establish the infrastructure requirements of an entire generation of Perth city residents. To be successful, the Perth City Deal must put the attraction, servicing and retention needs of these future City-dwellers at its core.

Urbis revealed a population of 90,000 within the current City of Perth boundary by 2050 means:

  • 6,000 extra children under 18, creating demand for 1000-plus extra child-care spaces, 30 playgrounds, two to three new CBD primary and one or two new high schools.
  • 27,000 extra young people, 20 to 34, demanding stimulating entertainment, good food and drink, and sporting and gym facilities including an aquatic and recreational centre.
  • An extra 5,000 retirees, 65 and older, needing several thousand aged-care and retirement living options and a new library.

To read more about Property Council WA’s Project 90K insights, click on thumbnail. 

For Project 90K to be fully realised, all three levels of government together with industry, will need to explore a five-pronged framework to ensure Perth CBD’s vision can be turned into a reality – acknowledging the future of city services, brand, connectivity, focus and governance measures are implemented.

Watch Property Council WA’s Executive Director Sandra Brewer, Urbis WA Regional Director, Ray Haeren and Associate Director Sean Morrison provide an insightful overview of Project 90K and the opportunities offered to strengthen the city’s liveability and economic growth for future generations. 

To find out more about Perth City Deal and Project 90K, please contact our WA specialist team. 

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