21 Sep 2023

Last week, the Gold Coast Bulletin Women of the Year awards recognised the inspirational, influential and innovative women of the Gold Coast. This year, the Awards also made one other significant acknowledgement – honouring the late Matthew Schneider with the Champion of Women Award.

This award pays tribute to Matt, who played a pivotal role in advancing women’s rights and promoting gender equality in the workplace and community. The award recognised Matt’s stance towards women’s empowerment and the significant contributions he made in creating a more inclusive society.

Sam Schneider accepted the champion of women award on behalf of her late husband Matt and dedicated it to their nine-year-old daughter, Maggie. You can read Sam’s acceptance speech here.

Matt was an advocate for gender diversity and women’s rights. He especially advocated and supported the women whom he worked with in the Urbis Gold Coast office, and further abroad.

Senior Consultant Lynda Campbell worked alongside Matt for many years and can attest to the unwavering support that Matt had for her. Lynda reflected, “Matt was one in a million. He would always push me to be my best – he had this amazing way of making me feel like I had a voice, and that it was heard.”

His strategic acumen and exceptional business sense have undeniably left the most profound mark in our region.

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Associate Director, Melissa Griffin echoed Lynda’s sentiment, stating, “Matt’s influence extended far beyond Urbis; it resonated throughout communities across the Gold Coast. The impact he left and lives he touched is immense.”

Melissa added, “His leadership style was characterised by an unwavering selflessness. It’s essential to acknowledge that his leadership role at Urbis was just one facet of his broader influence as a business leader on the Gold Coast.”

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Be kind; but be fierce

Vale Matthew Schneider.