By Shane Robb | 20 Oct 2017

Urbis’ inaugural Eastern Seaboard Industrial Vacancy Report  is available now.  Overall, we’re seeing very low vacancy rates – at 2% in Sydney, 3% in Melbourne and 4.2% in Brisbane for Q3 2017.

This report provides the current industrial vacancy rate for buildings over 10,000sqm across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – the first time the full Eastern Seaboard has been available.  

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The volume of speculative development activity that had pushed up vacancy rates has eased, there has been generally strong tenant inquiries for new premises, and land is now getting tight in many prime industrial locations.

While the Industrial Vacancy Report provides a snapshot of our findings, you can subscribe to our interactive Industrial Vacancy Dashboard for all the details. 

  • Access the data on tap, where you want, when you want
  • Slice the data in multiple scenarios, by geography, grade or size
  • See all vacant stock, with data updated quarterly

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Watch a demo of the Industrial Vacancy Interactive Dashboard in action below. 

Urbis’ Eastern Seaboard Industrial Vacancy Report is available to download for free now.  For the most detailed insights, sign up to our interactive Industrial Vacancy dashboard. 

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Eastern Seaboard Industrial Vacancy Report Q3 2017

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