13 Sep 2018

Collectivity Talks: Ethical Cities

As the pressures in our cities intensify, such as unaffordable housing and congested roads, four expert practitioners in urban design and planning spoke with Genevieve Brannigan, the founder of the Communications Collective, about how we can make our cities more ethical.

Emma Telfer, Executive Director at Open House Melbourne, welcomes guests.

One of the most useful things we can do is look at how people use space and be willing to watch and learn and listen and engage.

What is an ethical city, and why does ethics matter to city planning?

The experts with the answers are Brighid Sammon, a senior urban planner at Hansen Partnership; Katherine Sundermann an associate director at MGS Architects; Meaghan Dwyer, a principal at John Wardle Architects; and Claire Grealy, director of the economic and social advisory at Urbis.

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Collectivity Talks: Ethical Cities

This article originally published by Dream Planet, written by Kath Walters.

Ethical Cities was part of a series called Collectivity Talks run by the Communications Collective.