9 Feb 2023

Now more than ever, our sector has a collective responsibility to ensure decisions are made through a sustainability lens and placemaking and urbanisation are part of the solution in tackling climate change.

Last year Urbis pledged to be a carbon neutral certified organisation by the end of FY23.  We are pleased to announce that we have achieved this milestone 6 months early and have now been awarded carbon neutral certification by Climate Active, the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification available in Australia.

This certification means we have reduced Urbis’ carbon footprint from business operations to zero, having taken action to reduce and remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as Urbis puts into it.

Urbis shapes cities and communities for a better future. Tackling climate change is something Urbis is proud to be investing in and committed to. It’s of critical importance to our people, our shareholders, our clients and to the ongoing future of our cities and communities.

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Our certification renders us part of the select Climate Active network, Australia’s collective climate initiative, enabling individuals, government, groups and organisations to work together to help protect our planet by taking actionable steps to combat climate change.

Achieving carbon neutrality is a three-part process: measuring, reducing and then offsetting emissions.

The certification process began by measuring Urbis’ greenhouse gas emissions to understand our baseline and define opportunities for reduction. We made a number of changes to how we operate. Including:

  • buying 100% renewable energy where available
  • incorporating green building measures into our offices
  • reducing our corporate fleet
  • procuring certified carbon neutral products
  • limiting air travel.

To become a carbon neutral organisation, we offset our remaining unavoidable emissions by investing in projects that reduce and eliminate emissions from the environment.

Urbis is proud to have chosen to invest in climate action projects in Australia and overseas with co-benefits which not only reduce emissions, but also support community development, protect ecosystems and provide economic, social and cultural benefits to local communities. One of the projects Urbis has invested in recently is the Rimba Raya reforestation in Indonesia, which has benefits aligned to all 17 of the United Nations sustainable development goals.


Furthering our commitment

As well as achieving our Climate Active certification and investing in meaningful offset projects, we have also committed to a 25% net reduction in emissions by 2029. We have a plan in place to achieve this target and an emissions reduction strategy to help us get there.

Learn more about the steps we went through to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Urbis is proud to be doing our bit for a brighter and more sustainable future.