By John Wynne | 2 Sep 2016

Australia’s cities are among the fastest-growing in the developed world, and are also unique in their high level of liveability. However, megatrends of urbanisation and globalisation are presenting new challenges to our cities.

The impacts of these megatrends, coupled with the increasingly grim outlook on global carbon pollution, make it imperative that we plan for the future of our cities at a national level.

This is where a new report, produced jointly by Urbis and the Planning Institute of Australia, comes in.

Planning and developing prosperous, sustainable and resilient cities is a national priority.

Titled A New Era for National City Planning, it captures the outcomes of a series of Australia-wide discussions that followed Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement of the Cities portfolio in September 2015.

The report calls on the Federal Government to fulfil a number of increasingly urgent needs around city planning, including the need for a national settlement strategy; for national urban development policies; for urban indicator systems; for unified and streamlined national planning approval processes; for better and more consistent metropolitan strategic planning; and for rational, fair and transparent structures for capturing value from infrastructure investment and development.

A New Era for National City Planning makes a clear and compelling case for why there is much to be gained in a national approach to city planning. Indeed, fostering progressive and dynamic urbanisation by charting urban patterns and crafting national urban policies is critical to ensuring that Australia’s future remains prosperous, sustainable and resilient.

“We cannot leave the future of our cities to chance,” the report warns. “We have the all the necessary attributes to ensure our future is prosperous, sustainable and resilient – but better city planning is needed to secure this.”

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To download the report click HERE

This article was originally published on the Planning Institute of Australia website.

Urbis Managing Partner and National Planning Director John Wynne launched the report and presented its findings at the 2016 PIA Congress on the Gold Coast in May.