When you’ve got the future of cities and communities in your hands, you want to know you’ve got the right support behind you. And just like the cities we shape, this is a career where there’s no time to stand still. It’s all about progress, growth, sustainability and longevity – and that’s what we’re here to help you achieve for yourself at Urbis. Alongside career-defining projects and a growth-minded culture, you’ll have access to development opportunities that help you challenge yourself, learn and shine.

Drive your own development

Collective brilliance comes down to empowered individuals. We help you seek and refine the knowledge and skills you need to stay top of your game with comprehensive learning and development programmes. You’ll have access to a world-class curriculum, innovative technologies, and supportive communities to learn in pioneering ways, share knowledge, network and collaborate.

Own and shape your career through targeted learning opportunities as well as in the flow of work, coaching, mentoring, social learning and formal education. Study assistance may also be available (Criteria applies).

Fulfil your potential

Your success is ours, too. Which means we want to see every employee make moves in alignment with their personal career goals. With notable projects that will stretch your skills and inspire progression, opportunity awaits within Urbis. So, wherever you are in your career journey, we’re keen to take you further. We provide you with a dynamic and continuous career development process. Working with your people leader, you’ll have an individual career development plan that keeps you accountable to your goals and the steps and skills you need to get there.

Even brighter minds

We support and encourage you to upskill, supercharge career progression or create new opportunities for yourself with further education and study. If it’s beneficial to your position in the company, and if you’re eligible, this may mean access to study leave and a contribution toward course fees.

Benefits - What's in it for you?

We have family people. We have adventurous people. We have community volunteers and sport sideline supporters and weekend warriors. People who love music, or painting, or pilates, or a dip in the sea. Basically, Urbis a place where, whoever you are, you’re made to feel welcome, and where you can contribute to work in a way that feels in alignment with what matters most to you, inside and outside of office hours. We take active steps to ensure this is a place that helps you put the ‘life’ back into working.

Flexible working

Life doesn’t just happen after hours. Our flexible working options help you make space for the people, passions and opportunities that matter to you away from the workplace. We trust you to give us your best when you’re on the clock, and you get a role that enables you to live on your terms. By combining independent, focused time with in-person collaboration, we can leverage the best of both worlds.

Parental leave

Our Paid Parental Leave Policy provides our employees with competitive entitlements.

For all permanent Urbis staff we offer 18 weeks of paid primary carer leave with no eligibility requirements and regardless of gender and four weeks of paid secondary carer leave.

Social at Urbis

Everything is better with friends – work included. We think that with strong social connections come inspiring professional collaborations. Which is why our social agenda is an equally important part of work. You’ll enjoy regular social events (lots of them!) such as morning teas, afternoon/evening drinks and celebratory get-togethers to strengthen personal and professional connections with colleagues.

Coaching & Counselling (EAP)

Life’s ups and downs can begin to impact your ability to thrive. To help you make sense of life’s challenges, navigate uncertainty and build resilience, we offer x4 counselling and coaching sessions per year for you and your immediate family members provided by experienced psychologists. You will also have complete access to wellbeing resources, seminar and podcasts access through The Resilience Box platform.

Cultural Leave Program

At Urbis we value and respect the diversity of our employees and support an inclusive workplace where we recognise that we honour different events that are important to our own cultural background, heritage, or religious beliefs. Our Cultural Leave program is in place so employees can swap up to two public holidays for another cultural day that is significant to them. We want to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate what is important to them.

Beyond a pay cheque, we invest in you through different initiatives, incentives and development opportunities. It’s important to us that you have access to the knowledge you need to thrive; we know that through growing our people we can realise our vision of shaping better cities and communities.

Professional Memberships

Get access to the knowledge and networks that can help you continue to grow, and stay connected to industry insights that give you an edge. You’ll benefit from relevant professional memberships and events that can support you in doing your best work.

Industry seminars and events

We put dedicated investment into learning opportunities for every employee. This includes industry seminars and events that keep you up-to-date with the latest innovation and ideas, and connected to the people who are leading progression within our industry.

Employee referral incentive

Chances are, you know someone else who would be a good fit to work alongside us in shaping better cities. Every time you help us grow by successfully referring good people to a role at Urbis, we’ll say thank you through a bonus referral incentive.

Salary continuance

We ensure you feel valued for the skills and experience you contribute here through competitive salaries, superannuation, salary packaging and performance incentive options. With our employee income protection policy, you’ll have the support you need if an unfortunate extended illness or injury gets in the way of your ability to work.

Service recognition awards

We don’t take loyalty and longevity of service for granted. We celebrate and recognise the value our long-standing employees bring to our business and reward key milestones accordingly.

Sound like a place where you’ll have the support you need to shine?

View our vacancies and join us at Urbis.