23 Sep 2022

Our revised Parental Leave Policy, effective 1 September 2022, complements the Transitioning To and From Parenthood Guidelines and Working Your Way Policy (the company’s Flexible Working framework).

Urbis aims to support all employees through parenthood – it is important we provide flexibility in the way all employees can utilise parental leave. Our updated policy means regardless of gender all Urbis employees have an opportunity to take 18 full weeks of parental leave to be a primary carer. Our secondary carers leave has also been increased to 4 weeks.

“This change is to encourage greater male participation in taking primary carer parental leave – which is linked to supporting women back into the workforce, the idea being that the more organisations that support opportunities for men to access primary parental leave the more women will return and progress their careers, which is a fantastic initiative.” Says Lucinda Dalla Riva, Group Director of People and Culture. 

Our revised Parental Leave Policy shows our commitment to gender equality overall. We are delighted with the strong take up of our parental leave benefits for both primary & secondary carers, and pleasingly over the last year, all have returned to work upon completion of their leave.

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Other features of our revised policy include: parents or carers can now take parental leave either on a part-time basis or in one continues block. Plus we have removed eligibility requirements for all permanent staff, meaning as soon as you are a permanent Urbis employee you are eligible to take the full 18 weeks parental leave. 

Overall, this policy is designed to provide Urbis employees with greater scope and choice when it comes to caring for their families while working. It’s a large part of our role as leaders and our continued evolution as an Employer of Choice.


At Urbis, we pride ourselves on building a work culture where individuals feel valued and supported. We are committed to fostering a work environment that is inclusive, enables flexibility, and welcomes diversity. 

Urbis is a firm that truly values its people and provides a broad range of benefits in addition to the Parental Leave Policy. Head over to our Careers page to find out more and view the opportunities currently available.