Future State were engaged to pilot a new approach to Regional Planning. Working with Government to change the regional planning narrative as part of the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan.

Client Challenge: To unite a region of diverse communities under a framework that appeals to all and delivers real impact.

What we did: Urbis undertook scenario testing to identify the global and contextual drivers of regional change. We also determined the relative competitive advantages that could be leveraged to strengthen economic disciplines across the region.

The programme required extensive research. Synthesising the drivers of change, ascertaining those with the greatest impact and influence; together with deep engagement at a political and industry level. This ensured a vision that was both plausible and powerful.

Urbis designed a Special National Advisory Panel of internal and external stakeholders to drive big picture thinking about the future of the region, and the structural challenges that the Regional Plan would be required to address. This panel used a case study approach to broaden the clients’ rational about the plan, which enabled shared deliberation on what success could look like and mean for the regional community.

Our Impact: Our team created a singular vision and economic and social transformation agenda to improve the performance and quality of life to the Wide Bay Burnett regional council area.

Future State delivered a complex vision strategy with social purpose at its core.