In efforts to revitalise the area, the Vineyards and Rural Tourism Strategy for Singleton Council aims to deliver viticulture and tourism growth throughout the Singleton Local Government Area (LGA). The Strategy will maximise rural living opportunities in the area by complementing existing land use and minimise potential land use conflict.

Urbis is proud to be engaged in preparing the Strategy, which sets a planning framework road-map and acts as a precursor for a Place Strategy, which is required to be prepared as identified in the Hunter Regional Plan 2041.

We worked closely with Singleton Council to build upon previous studies and unpack economic and tourism findings from the Destination Management Plan. Protecting the natural environment and local character was a priority when completing our in-depth analysis of existing planning framework.

We conducted stakeholder listening sessions to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the existing viticulture and rural tourism areas. It was determined that the Strategy should be unpinned by the following key words; ‘sustainable’, ‘unique’, ‘authentic’ and ‘nature’.