A mixed-use development standing 31 levels from ground, The Standard is one of the tallest residential developments in South East Queensland that demonstrates how vertical communities can retain connection to garden, while pushing towards the sky. 

On arrival to the site, you are greeted by a podium exploding with greenery, and from the green wall façade to the 68 mature trees installed on podium, no matter where you go in the building, a connection to a diverse and seasonal garden can be made. The extent of landscape installed at elevation at The Standard is unparalleled in South East Queensland and this demonstration of biophilic design enhances residents’ enjoyment of the space, and in turn, frequency of use.

From project inception, circular geometry was adopted as the design tool. Infinity, togetherness, timelessness, and elegance are key design drivers, executed through a circular language intentionally reinforced as an identifiable motif to strengthen the project’s identity.

When applied to the minimalist Japanese inspired landscape spaces, circles are used at a varying scale to define swimming pools, sun lounges, sunken fire pits and garden beds creating a series of fluid spaces for groups of varying sizes and levels of intimacy.


The opportunity inherent in this project was to expand the existing precedent for highly elevated podium landscapes in Brisbane, within a bold and unique circular geometry.